Self-Awareness Is The New Sexy

Is it?

This is a complicated question.

The consciousness of knowing one’s own character, motives, desires, feelings- Introspection. 

On one hand, self-awareness is one of the main ingredients to a successful life- it’s a cornerstone to emotional intelligence.  We need to be self-aware in order to know ourselves which in turn allows others to know us. It opens the door for a deep connection not only with ourselves but with others we choose to allow in to our lives.

Most of the time we as people are on autopilot.  We are not “there” enough to show up for our lives.  This usually leads to passive or aggressive reactions instead of conscious decision making.  With all the messaging coming at us from all over the place, religion, cultural beliefs, music, television, etc we get caught up in what and who we think we should be.  Then the narrative starts, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and others. We then take up camp in that space- we live there.

There’s so much more on self-awareness but you get the picture.

Now, here’s the kicker… Since most people aren’t living consciously, when you find someone who actually does it can feel intimidating and threatening. We often don’t know how to handle “that person.” They’re a Unicorn.

We are strangely attracted to them but scared of them as well. Who are they? Are they going to see me?  What if they don’t like what they see?  Who am I?  The mind keeps turning and turning and turning.

The bottom line is people who are self-aware or working towards self-awareness are more evolved emotionally.  Practicing mindfulness, journaling thoughts and feelings, meditation, spending time in nature contemplating are all ways to bring on self-awareness. There is a stillness about these folks, an unmistakable energy.  It is sexy because it’s different.

Should we care what other’s think? Should we not work on ourselves because our partner is not working on themselves, our friends are not? Do we stay in a non-growth pattern because of other people? The answer to these questions is NO.  We continue OUR journey. We do what we feel is right because it’s the highest way to live.

To Know Thyself….