What Are Your Sex And Relationship Goals?

Do you have any?

Do you want to give yourself the opportunity to be free to be yourself? Or, do you want to stop faking orgasms? Or, perhaps, you want to be able to express more love and affection to your self and your partner?

What do you want? Do you ever think about this or do you just accept whatever is happening?

We tend to make everything else in life a priority, our jobs, our children, our stress, etc and we forget about our relationships and the glue that holds “romantic” relationships together- sex. This behavior is destined for disaster.

I invite you to make a list of your sex and relationship goals for the rest of 2019 and then again in the beginning of 2020. Make it a priority to do this. I can promise that the results will be obvious. Where we put our focus we see results- hence the phrase “energy flows where focus goes”- whatever is the focus of attention becomes more prominent.

Go ahead….make the list!

Every day do something that honors that list and watch what happens!