Body Awareness

This morning I allowed my body 15 minute to do what it wanted to do.  I sat outside as the sun was coming up, firmly planted on the ground.  I didn't think about getting dirty or rushing to get coffee or what I have to do today.  I let my body direct me. 

As I sat there my body naturally wanted to take deep breaths- I allowed it.  I felt my focus go to my lower back-I allowed it.  I noticed some tension in that area- I felt it.  As I continued to focus in that area I noticed the tension easing up- I allowed it.  My body wanted to lay down- I allowed it. My mouth wanted to smile- I allowed it.  My eyes wanted to open- I allowed it. I stared up at the beautiful morning sky and breathed deeply- no question- I allowed it.  The feeling of peace and inspiration poured through my veins- I allowed it.

Too often we resist what our body's tell us.  The infinite wisdom that only we know, that only our unique bodies tell us.  Our rational mins will often step in and dismiss the wisdom that our bodies tell us.  Our bodies have an amazing capacity to do all kinds of things, like heal, kill bacteria, adapt, grow new cells, monitor breathing...the list goes on and on.  When we listen to our bodies we intrinsically know what to do.

This is the stuff that you can't get from conventional means.  This is information that you and only you, can harness. What your body tells you is not controlled by someone else and if you think it is, it is YOU that is allowing that.

Get connected to your body.  This is the key to knowing your true identity outside of all the information coming at you daily. 

Try it.  Set aside 15 minutes when you will not feel rushed and allow your body to do and feel what it wants.  Get to know your self.  Get comfortable with your self.  Repeat it several times a week.  It's the place where happiness lives.

Apply it.