7 Billion Belief Systems And You're Still Getting Offended?

We are living in a time where you can't say anything anymore without offending someone.  There are over 7 billion belief systems on the planet and many of us think our own is the only one.  God forbid you disagree.

Some people live their lives looking for things to get offended by.  They are often the people who look for chaos and negativity too.  You know the person- they could win a million dollars and they'd still be pissed off!  There's also the people who consistently look for disagreements and arguments with others- the saboteur. You're wrong, I'm right.  Facebook is full of these folks.

I've met thousands of people over the years that believe their belief system is right and there is NO other belief system, not recognizing the diversity of human beings.  These are the people that close themselves off to so many of life's possibilities.  They are closed off from growth, from connection, and from inner peace.

The rigid thinking that comes from not recognizing other's belief systems seldom produces positive results.  Nothing great ever came from rigid judgmental thinking.  And yet so many people are caught up in this way of being.  Sounds kinda shitty?

Think about this for a moment- Wayne Dyer stated "Have A Mind That Is Open To Everything And Attached To Nothing."  That's the problem-we get attached to the things people say and do and personalize it.  We own it like it's our own shit.  It's not. 

Does it really matter what the person is saying on Facebook? Does it really matter what someone does with their identity? Does it really matter who someone loves? Often times these people aren't even in our lives- yet we stand from a distance and judge them.  That's an unhealthy attachment if I've ever seen one.

If the person is in our lives and something they are doing has a direct impact on us (or so we assume) are the offensive thoughts we have justified?  Isn't it wiser to just keep moving focussing on your own life and growth?

 I learned this the hard way on Facebook.  It dawned on me a while back that people have their own opinions, thoughts and behaviors.  It doesn't concern me.  I move on now.  I am secure in my own opinions that I can listen to other's opinions in a detached way.  Something that took a while to learn.

My process was simple- The process that I teach others.

1.  I recognized that people have a right to live their lives any way they wish to live it, say what they wish, do what they wish. I am neither judge or jury.

2.  Ridding the negative people out of my life.  The ones who search for negativity, things to judge, and ways to get offended. I don't need them and neither do you.  If you do things that are hurtful to me, I let you go. Life is too short.

(If you are one of these people, recognize it and explore the reasons why.  If you feel angry more often than not explore the origins and learn with the help of a professional how to let go)

3.  Focussing on my own growth, health and wellness, and most importantly my own happiness.

Voila.  These are the stems to grow your self.

In reality it's a little more complicated than that.  It's a daily exercise.  It's about self-awareness and learning to appreciate yourself.  Letting go of the past and learning to stay present.  Finding things that bring you joy and do them. Learn to let to go of what other people think so you get out of the vicious cycle of "judge to be judged."