A Sex Therapist's Curse and Blessing

Getting defined by your profession is something that appears to be a natural inclination of the general public- as irrational and benighted as it is.  While a person may certainly be more knowledgable in areas that they have formally studied this study does not define their personhood.

As a sex therapist, titles, assumptions and ignorance have surrounded me.  Thoughts and comments from others such as “Oh you must do everything” or “You must know everything” to “I bet you hear all the juicy stuff.” Ummm…..No, No, and are you for real? I take my work very seriously. I value the depth and layers of people and relationships. I do everything I can to help those that want to be helped and I take great pride in being able to do so.

The value of helping someone that has fear of talking about issues that are very personal to them is priceless. To see someone blossom and start or re-learn how to live their lives is the greatest gift. Yet, my work does not define me. I am a human being, like everyone else. I make mistakes, I have fears, I fall. I’ve become skilled in getting back up and learning from what life brings. I am a kid at heart. I am growth oriented and believe in applying knowledge in and from multiple disciplines, cultures, religions, ideas, ideals and so on.

So, defining someone by their work is not only short-sighted but inherently cretinous. We are ALL human beings before we are our work, our race, our orientation, our religion, etc. Human beings are layered deeply built from experiences, perception, gender, familial dynamics, the ways we learned to view the world.

So, before we judge someone by there work, religion, political affiliation, etc understand this: Diversity isn’t just about sexual orientation, gender identity and race. It is about understanding human beings.