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You can call my office line at (302) 521-8258 or email me at You can also simply scroll down and fill out the information below and click "send"- Whatever way you choose I will get the message.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response-most likely sooner.  Also, please do not text this line as I do not respond to texts in an attempt to keep the therapeutic process- therapeutic.

Individual/couples therapy/education sessions are $165.00 per hour

Package Deals for Sex and Relationship Therapy/Coaching:

  • 5 sessions   : $725.00 

  • 10 sessions : $1400.00

Many clients need ongoing help in between sessions.  You can put Dr. Laino on retainer for $500.00 a month-


I offer clients that may need more contact outside of their scheduled sessions an option of a retainer. My retainer entails “flex-time.” I will make time in my schedule outside of your scheduled appointment to talk for 20 minutes within roughly four hours of you contacting me. Flex-time is between normal business hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. This also includes emails and texting. A client will receive three increments of 20 minutes when put on retainer for a total of 60 minutes.

Strategy Coaching Session Packages start at $500 and can range from 3 to 12 weeks. They are uniquely designed for the individual/couple. 

Speciality Packages

NOTE: Dr. Laino's packages are for both individuals and/or couples.  The packages are detailed and tailored to fit each individual or couple.  They are a bit more intensive then random therapy sessions. There is guided reading and exploration of self and relationships.

Payment is due in full the first session and can be paid either through credit card, check, cash, or Paypal.

3 Week Package:

In this package you will see Dr. Laino three times in office.  In addition, Dr. Laino will give you specific customized exercises for you individually or if you are partnered, you and your partner.  Each exercise will need to be completed the way it is designed so that you (and your partner) get the most out of this package.  This package is for people who want to improve their already “good” relationship but just want to tweak a few areas. Or, they want to tweak their own lives outside of sexuality and relationships- think "Life Coaching."


6 Week Package:

In this package you will see Dr. Laino in office 5 times.  You (you and your partner) will have a series of customized exercises to follow during your 6 weeks.  These exercises need to be completed in the exact way they are described to the client(s) for optimal outcome.  This package is for couples that need some work on communication, connection, and sex.  For individuals this package explores where you want to go in your life and what is stopping you.  Removing barriers individually or in couples is a focus.


12 Week Package:

In this package you will see Dr. Laino 10 times in office with follow up through emails, which will include assignments.  We will cover everything in all other packages (the 3 week and the 6 week). There will be customized exercises to be completed the exact way they are described for the optimal outcome.  This package is for couples who are not doing so well and want to fast track the healing process and are willing to go in headfirst.  Overcoming differences and learning how to communicate effectively with one another is at the forefront of this package as well as exploring the sexuality of the couple and making improvements where needed. This package is used for individuals who want to make a transformation in areas of decision-making, self-awareness, and growth.

Price: $2000.00

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