Media & Press


Dr. Deb Laino has been interviewed for all of these media outlets and MANY more!  You can find links to many of her interviews on her facebook page and on Google. Click the Facebook icon to follow her! (but note: sometimes she goes on social media hiatuses as part of her personal wellness discipline)


  • Burgundy Magazine

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine

  • Delaware Today Magazine

  • Exercise for Men Magazine

  • Family Circle Magazine

  • In Recovery Magazine

  • Lockport Union Sun and Journal

  • Men’s Health Magazine

  • Out and About Magazine (Delaware)

  • SELF Magazine


  • Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine

  • Woman’s Day Magazine

  • Your Health Monthly Magazine

  • Women’s Health


  • Brent Farris Morning Show (KZST Sonoma, California)

  • CBS Radio

  • Celebrity Bullitin (New York)

  • Cosmopolitan Radio SIRIUS XM

  • Heartbeat radio (HBR 107.5)

  • It’s Your Time With Kim Iverson (KAMX Austin)

  • Matty in the Morning (Kiss 108 Boston)

  • Playboy Radio SIRIUS XM

  • Recovery RadioCelebrity Health and Fitness

  • Talk Philly (CBS)

  • The Brett Winterble Show SIRIUS XM

  • Times Square Gossip (New York)

Broadcast & Cable Television


  • Frontiers in LA (Los Angeles)

  • Maryland Morning News (WBAL Baltimore)

  • The 10 Show Philadelphia (NBC)

  • Channel 10 news (NBC)

  • Channel 6 news (ABC)

  • Channel 3 News (CBS)

  • It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle (Comcast Network)

Online/Digital Media

  • AOL Lemondrop

  • Manic Mommies Media, INC

  • The Sex and Intimacy Show

  • New York Post

  • Shave

  • YourTango

  • Playboy