Warning: A Word To The Wise: Spelling Errors, Grammar Errors and Your Sensitivity

A Word To (And For) The Wise: Let it Go.

If you see any errors in any blog- let it go- Grammar police aren't cool.

Sometimes I am writing in a hurry and don't have time to check.  Sometimes I don't care about an error as long as the point has been made, sometimes I am just being lazy.  Let all of this go because YOU have your areas in your own lives where you do the same.  And, if you think you don't, you probably need a little dose of something called "self awareness."  

I am not a perfectionist by any means.  I process WAY too fast for perfectionism.  And, I am ok with it.

I like to teach people to learn to let go of the "small things."

Let go of things, that in the grand scheme of life, really don't mean much of anything.

Affect versus Effect is small potatoes compared to your health and well-being, relational life, sex life, human interactions, spiritual connection etc...

It's ok.