Sexual Wisdom

Below are really important quotes that I must say 100 times a week.  I think they need to be forever shared with you.

"Women, get in touch with your bodies. Know what feels good for you sexually, then ask it of your partner."

"Men, when you focus too much on your penis, anxiety can become center stage. This is one of the origins of Erectile Dysfunction and Pre- Mature Ejaculation. Try focusing on the Whole Body Experience instead."

"Singles, partners do not fall from the heavens - though I am sure many of us would like to believe this.  If you are single - GO OUT!  A large part of finding a mate is about being resourceful.  Ask your friends about matches, use dating websites, attend meetups, use your charm, your strengths AND your weaknesses. These are often seen as assets."

"LGBT Never let anyone tell you who and how to love.  Love and sexual attraction come from within.  And, remember, who we have sex with is a very small part of our identities.  Who we are as people - our character, our interests, how we define ourselves as human beings is at the forefront of our identities."

Taking action is the greatest skill one can possess when they want to make change.  Many of us just "think" about what we want and it becomes a fleeting thought.  Sometimes, a source of pain.  To change that you figure out what you want and start taking action steps to get there, even if they are small action steps!  Even if you feel like the action step failed- it didn't.  The fact that you did something is a success.  Keep trying and keep moving.


We All Have Sexual Wisdom...It's Innate Within Us.